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Unveiled Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s Gliding Talks On Smartphones, AI & More

Wrapped up by saying ‘where should I hand my resume’ to Google’s CEO might seem like a dream come true for any host, right? Well, that was just what happened to Mrwhosetheboss who had interviewed Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai about 2 weeks ago.

Here you can see their free-wheeling conversation!

They discussed everything from the Google fold phone’s launch, its bennies, and tradeoffs, to Sundar ultimately revealing the preferred smartphones that he uses. Also at the very end, YouTuber Arun Maini (Mrwhosetheboss) spoke about the current petition being going on to make his very own voice the voice of the Google Assistant. For this purpose, he just asked Sundar Pichai in a bit humorous tone regarding where should he hand his resume.

Without any further delay, let’s hop onto their boisterous talks below!

Is The Google Pixel Fold Phone Groundbreaking Enough? Let’s Find Out!

Sundar Pichai mentioned very clearly stating that fold phones are designed to enhance the functionality of the current phones. They never meant to overtake them, yet the Google fold phones have some tradeoffs too. But, this year, Google has made them thin enough to outweigh the tradeoffs that such phones are quite bulkier. 

However, he uses fold phones mostly for active working purposes when he’s looking forward to multitasking on a single device. And, that’s what we can’t do on a single pocket-sized mobile phone which is not a fold, right?

So, there are always merits and demerits to a particular technology for which he also said that fold phones aren’t the destination but the journey to the future. One can use them if they want to enhance the functionality or multitask on a single device.

FYI, Google introduced the Pixel Fold at their yearly developers’ conference this May 10. Since it’s the company’s first foldable smartphone, many tech aficionados are curious to delve into it. 

What Sundar Pichai Talked About Google Pixel Phones & What Does He Use For Himself?

He revealed that he is currently using Google Pixel 7 Pro. However, it’s not all! He also uses iPhone, Samsung Galaxy as well since he transitions between his different SIM cards. He likes to switch between smartphone devices just like he switches back and forth between the light mode and dark mode (he’s more of a dark mode user though!). 

Sundar Pichai Admitted That AI Fear Is Real Though

The whole interview was centered around smartphones but it took a bit of a leap towards one of the most hot topics of the nation right now, i.e. AI. 

And, this is what Sundar Pichai answered when he was asked about the future of smartphones especially in the booming environment of AI on the software end as compared to the hardware innovation.

I do think AI will make it much more natural and intuitive to interact, which it isn’t today. We’re at the early stages of all of this but just with natural language or when you look at something and you want your phone to understand it, that’s the direction of where computing will go. You’ve always had humans adapt to computing versus the other way about and AI is what will enable computers to adapt to humans.” 

Leading by the talks about AR, smartwatches, and the sound of airplanes, he clearly mentioned that Google Pixel fold phones aren’t really the end destination but the smartphones are here to stay as people’s main devices which everyone agrees with too. 

With that note, we got his big shot at say on the future of smartphones. The way he mentioned and connected the evolution of smartphones with AI is impeccable to understand by people like us. We do believe that those were confusion-clearing conversations, and you’ve also enjoyed them!

Do let us know your inner-provoking thoughts on this matter right now in the comments section below. Trust us, we do read, reply to, and value them!


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